JNF South Africa
JNF South Africa
JNF South Africa promotes and fosters eco-Zionist projects in the State of Israel as an ongoing project to support its forests, the country and its people.

For just R65 you can give a tree to someone and be part of the Forest Of Giving.
Your tree could set off a chain of giving to roll back the desert and create a new South African forest in the Negev.
Our target is to plant 65,000 trees in celebration of Israel's 65th birthday.
Give a tree today at www.forestofgiving.co.za


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JNF Statisics
Israel - 111 years old; 260 million trees planted; 225 reservoirs build, over 1000 parks created; South Africa - 15 000 Trees planted; Over 80 000 learners from 286 schools educated
Jewish New Education

Jewish Education
The JNF-SA provides top environmental education for Jewish schools in South Africa. Read more...

Blue Box
Need a Blue Box
The JNF and its symbol, the Blue Box, is synonomous with the land of Israel, the miraculous reclamation of the wastelands and the greening of Israel's deserts
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Read about the history of the Blue Box here...

How’s my tree? Check up on the progress of your tree in the South Africa forest in the Galilee. Click here to see the South African Forest here...

JNF South African Projects

JNF South Africa projects are carried out in South Africa as well as Israel.
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Our projects in Israel –We are currently funding the following projects
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Green Shuls
Make your shul environmentally friendly.
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Watch a video on the KKL-JNF Projects in the Negev here...

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