The small Blue Box and the Big Jewish Dream

The brainchild of Mr Kleinman, a bank clerk in Galicia, Eastern Europe, the first Blue Box was introduced only months after the founding of the Jewish National Fund in December l90l, and its use quickly spread until there were hardly any Zionist minded households in the Diaspora in which the little "pushke" did not occupy pride of place.

Not only did it become the most popular Zionist symbol for a people yearning for a homeland, but it formed the principal means of collecting funds for the purchase of land in Palestine before and during the British Mandate. In fact, land purchased largely with Blue Box funds effectively determined the boundaries for the State of Israel.
Since then, the emphasis in the application of Blue Box collections has shifted to land development and improvement and, more recently, to protecting and enhancing the environment.

As small as it is , it stands for a big idea - for one of the greatest partnerships the world has ever known: that of the Jewish people everywhere with the land of Israel.
Every donation of R30.00 and over enters you into a draw to win a ticket to Israel.
The JNF will be happy to supply a Box if you don't already have one.

Read about the history of the of the JNF Blue box here...

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