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"The Negev will be the test of the creative ability and pioneering valour of Israel…Jewish scientific and research ability…Jewish youth - the Negev will be the test of the people of Israel and its state."
David Ben-Gurion, 1954.

For over a century, The Jewish National Fund has strengthened Israel by serving as the caretaker of the land for Jewish people everywhere. The words, spoken by the visionary David Ben-Gurion, have never held more significance and truth. Israel's constantly growing population in the north is running out of space, and the Negev is a massive land reserve waiting to be
developed. In the Hebrew calendar 5764 alone, Israel's population grew by 143,000 newborn babies, plus 22,000 new immigrants. Grasp the economic, demographic and geographic realities of Israel, and you will understand the immediate need to develop the Negev. Over the next five years, our goal is to bring 250,000 new residents to the Negev. And over the next ten years, Blueprint Negev will bringover 500,000 people to 100,000 housing sites that will be created in 25 new communities.

JNF South Africa are making a difference by assisting young pioneers to establish farmsteads. The farmsteads are located in the Negev highlands between the Telallim Junction to the town of Mizpe Ramon. The farms are built on available sites in the Negev that are neither protected nature reserves or army training areas. Most of the sites have been chosen for thei scenic location and in many cases have been built on previously disturbed sites. Agriculture includes olive groves, vineyards, pomegrates, almonds, berries, jojoba and dairy farms. Yourist attractions include horseback riding, sale of cheeses and other farm products, restaurants, olive presses and wineries.

Today, you can follow Ben-Gurion's dream and develop a stronger Israel, where communities are born and stay for generations to come. To contribute or find out more about this project please contact Isla Feldman on (011) 645-2537. One of our directors will gladly set up a meeting with you or your company and show you amazing presentations on the work being done in the Negev.

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